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This site represents my interest and work in the healthy development of the human being, in freedom. How one moves in life, what one puts one’s life energy into, what challenges come towards one, how one deals with difficulties, what can be overcome. 

For each of us, our past life experience and education (what we have learnt so far) takes us to a certain point. If we are fortunate, we will come to situations in our life that requires more than we already know to deal with it well. At those times, we are willing, or forced, to learn more. 

Whether you are experiencing pain at a physical or emotional or mental-spiritual level, I am willing to work with you to find ways to meet it and heal it. 

  • Alexander Technique – a way to increase your mind-body intelligence through broad awareness, focused attention, conscious directions for allowing natural movement to flow through the whole body’s connections. 
  • Lyno Method – a system to identify movement patterns, restore optimum mobility and support a balanced, flexible and fully functional body.
  • TRE® Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasea simple and quick set of movements that turn on your body’s natural rebalancing process by releasing the tension build up from every day stress and deeply held tension and trauma.
  • Creative Communications – the time and space to allow your process to unfold, be heard and understood, gain clarity on new possibilities for yourself.

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