The Alexander Technique (AT) is based on simply profound principles for improving one’s relationship with, and constructive use of, one’s body-mind. It is ideal for people who are willing to seek out what they are unconsciously and automatically doing that may limit their performance or exacerbate their painful conditions, and interested in taking personal responsibility for attending to these harmful habits. One of the ways is by creating a space between the stimulus and the response – so releasing the emphasis on ‘making a change’ but rather creating an environment where change can happen.

AT provides a comprehensive and practical approach for consciously owning, being content in and moving with ease in one’s body. The emphasis is on self-exploration and self-development as students of the technique increase awareness of how they may be interrupting the natural flow of the head-neck-back relationship and gradually become skilled at allowing this inherent freedom to be reinstated.

The teaching-learning process encourages the individual to become aware of other habitual tendencies that may contribute to a compressed, collapsed or contorted body stance. Instead of continuing with habitual reactions of trying to ‘correct’ oneself and ‘fixing’ the body to fit a set idea of how one ‘should’ be, there is the wonderful opportunity to introduce new thoughts as directions for the body to follow into action. In this way, postural conclusions are not adopted and the individual remains open to moving with poise (the grace, ease and confidence of an upright, stable, flexible body).

Your attention to the way you do simple activities will increase your sensitivity to the collapse and tension patterns in your body and, essentially, how your own habits of thinking, feeling and moving contribute to these. As your body wisdom develops, your responses to the requirements of each activity can be more measured as well as more creative (degrees of contraction and expansion, amount of relaxation and exertion, lightness and strength, fluidity and grounding).

This is why AT has a whole person (body-mind or psychophysical) and not just a static body posture perspective.  There is nothing to get ‘right’, no pressure or force to change. Discovering that you can release for strength rather than building up muscle is a revelation.

I guide you through movement and rest using hands-on and verbal directives. We use the lesson time to uncover involuntary reactions and apply the AT principles in simple every-day actions such as standing, sitting and walking. As a personal identity is defined by who we think we are, how we present ourselves to the world and how we do things, this is more challenging than it sounds. So you and I set up a safe space to slow down, play and explore outside of one’s usual inner and outer structure. This enables us to allow new possibilities to emerge, ways to free the body from painful constraints, opportunities for carrying out movements that enlighten you, co-ordination that enables you to be wholly three-dimensional. What you discover in the lesson and what you practice in your daily life is all relevant to the on-going adaptation for dynamic equilibrium in a thinking body-mind.

I work with adults of all ages and with children. I also do home or office visits where we consider the suitability of your working and living arrangement for your best body-mind use.

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