Cheryl Herbert

Prior to 2004, Cheryl enjoyed a corporate career in the areas of marketing, business consulting, training and development. Since then she has immersed herself in somatic practices for her own and others’ healing at all levels of body-mind.

Cheryl is a trained somatic teacher, counsellor and fascia release practitioner. The practice of moving mindfully, MoveinMind, is the essence behind each of the modalities she has incorporated into her offering.

Each of the modalities are:

Complementary health focused – They are not replacements for medical treatment but can be paired with it for additional support. They can also be used with any alternative remedies, therapies and practices.

  • Learning-based – The focus is on assisting the individual to receive information, reflect on and question the information, practice what has been learnt, integrate it as life experience.
  • Independent – One lesson/session is for one modality. Please specify the focus when booking.
  • Body-Mind Focused – The understanding is that the material body and the energetic mind make up the whole human being.
  • Tension and Release Based – Internal reactions to outside circumstances contribute to either a contraction or expansion in the body-mind. Negative reactions can be experienced as a stiff neck, tight hamstring, stomach cramp, constricted breathing, limited emotional range, narrowed thinking, reduced movement, stuck energy. In a safe and supportive environment, these can be relaxed and released, aiding one’s natural healing abilities.
  • Restorative – The homeostasis of the nervous system and the body-mind balance can be restored through these modalities, with the main benefit of a greater sense of well-being and the ability conduct oneself responsibly and wisely in life. Although dis-ease leads us to learning, healing the dis-ease leads us to wisdom.

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