In each of us there is a strong desire for healing and resolution. We look inside and outside of ourselves to find answers, support and guidance in meeting this driving need for fulfilment. These opportunities for growth and change may stimulate uncomfortable responses, which can motivate you to sort things out quickly or cause you to retreat into inaction. Mostly, we draw on what we know or what has worked in the past to help us through. Sometimes we need a helping hand to lift us to another level, or new eyes to see the whole picture, or willing ears to hear the real message.

You and I will create a space between us where creative forces surge, where a clear light shines up what was hidden and where a field of possibility springs. In our conversations, we will:

  • Find ways outside of absolute’ right’ and ‘wrong’
  • Question and enquire with curiosity
  • Explore different perspectives
  • Deepen understanding
  • Gain meaning
  • Choose

Although any and all issues can be presented, counselling covers the following:

Inner and interpersonal conflict, self-defeating behaviours (destructive habits, addictions), difficult decisions, stressful situations, relationship problems, search for meaning and purpose.

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